Friday, November 16, 2007

NPD - Spin it good

A goal of marketing is to control the message. I found the messages near the NPD October results particularly interesting.

  • Microsoft's Message - You may have sold more, but our stuff sold for more money. Therefore we are king. (Just overlook the fact that all 360 stuff costs more, hence the higher gross...)
  • Sony's Message - October was bad, but it's also in the past. Forget the past, live in the present. Right now, we are king. (which of course we can't confirm, and that is kind of the point)
  • Nintendo's Message - We're selling as many consoles as ship to retail. (...but note, they aren't shipping all the consoles to retail! They state they're making 1.8 million consoles per month. NA 520k + Europe 500k + Japan 150k = 1170k. Where are the other 630k? Not in Australia! Guaranteed they are in a warehouse, being held until the holidays to ensure that Nintendo is the top selling console for December in NA, instead of coming in second b/c it didn't have enough units to sell. There is no spin like a spin you are preparing for two months in advance.)

So coming out of the NPD spin did you get spun?

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Highmay said...

or being held for china.